Apple Pay & Google Pay

8 MARCH 2021

Apple Pay & Google Pay (android pay) launched around 5-6 years ago it was a revolution to the payment world with half of iPhone and Android phone users now paying with their mobile. Figures show that Apple Pay now accounts for 10% of all global transactions.

Why your Platform needs Apple Pay & Google Pay

  1. Mobile payments are increasingly becoming more popular. The main reason for this is the simplicity of not carrying cash or card as you are able to store all the cards you use on a daily basis in your phone! For this reason more and more people will be using Apple Pay & Google Pay!

  2. Safety is always a concern when it comes to financial information both for the merchant and the customer. But these concerns are wiped out with Apple Pay & Google Pay, as when making a purchase card details aren’t used or sent to the merchant. Instead both use tokenisation which creates a singular digital code that’s transferred into a payment after the transaction is complete.

  3. Popularity! Mobile wallets are usurping usual payment methods and are slowly but surely becoming customers most preferred method of payment! Therefore to keep ahead of the competition and to encourage your customer to order from you it is paramount that you include Apple Pay and Google Pay on your platform as well as other traditional payment methods!

  4. As many iPhone and Android phone users are using their phones to pay for purchases online and prefer this method compared to adding their card details every time, This could help increase revenue in your business. Because customers are more inclined to make a purchase AND you do not need to worry about storing data on your servers!